The third section of the museum consists of thematic exhibition areas located in 18 galleries in the hallway surrounding the panoramas. The galleries in which events related to Ghazi Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK period between 1919- 1938 are described have provided a different atmosphere to Atatürk and War of Independence Museum. Sharing of Turkish Homeland, awakening of the nation, stages of the Independence War and revolutions preparing the birth of modern Turkey following the victory have been described in these galleries. In addition, there are about 2,000 photos related with these issues in the galleries. The Tomb Room of ghazi Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK is located in just in the middle of the second hallway in this section. This section also includes reliefs, models and busts of the 20 soldiers or civilian heroes ensured the victory in Independence War which were prepared by various esteemed artists.

At the entry of the tomb are two wall panels with photos related to ATATÜRK’s death, funeral and tomb. The live image of the tomb is made public through TV right in front of the tomb.

The beloved corpse of Atatürk is in a grave dug directly in the soil below the ground floor of the mausoleum. The tomb which is situated right 7 meters beneath of two symbolic sarcophagi is an octagon in the Seljuk and Ottoman architectural style. The ground and walls of the tomb are covered with black, white, red and green marbles. In the middle of the tomb, the smaller sarcophagus made of red marble. This sarcophagus is surrounded by brass vases filled with soil from every province and from Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Azerbaijan. The corpse of Atatürk buried in a mixture soil from every province of that time, his house in Salonika, Turkish martyrdom in Korea, TRNC and tomb of Suleiman Sah in Syria recognized as Turkish territory.

However, as said by 2nd President İsmet İNÖNÜ on November 21, 1938, in his statement for Turkish Nation, it should be known that “He, in fact, lies in the brave and loyal heart of Turkish Nation full of love and pride for him.”