About the Museum

The Atatürk and War of Independence Museum is established on a 3000 square meter columned area below the Hall of Honor in Atatürk's Mausoleum. The museum honors the Çanakkale, Sakarya, Great Attack and Commander-in Chief Battles, the establishment years of the Turkish Republic and the Atatürk period via various exhibition techniques.

When looking towards Monument Block from the Ceremonial Plaza, it is seen that the museum approached by entering from the door of the Tower of National Pact on the right has four main parts. In the first hall, the personal belongings of Atatürk are displayed. In the second hall, panoramas and paintings of the Çanakkale Battles and the War of Independence, and in the third hall the National Struggle and Revolutions are displayed in different arch vaults. In the fourth hall, Atatürk's personal books and samples of his hand written notes on these books are exhibited.

The Atatürk Museum, in the first section between National Struggle and Revolution Towers and where Atatürk's personal belongings were exhibited, was later combined with the other sections and rearranged via modern exhibition techniques and renamed as the Atatürk and the War of Independence Museum. In addition to Atatürk's personal belongings, the gifts presented to him by foreign statesmen are also exhibited in the section of the museum inaugurated on June 21, 1960. Some belongings of Atatürk given as a gift to the museum by his adopted children, A. Afet İnan, Rukiye Erkin and Sabiha Gökçen, are also on display in the museum.