ATATÜRK at His Desk

You reach to Republic Tower at the end of vaulted galleries. The composition of "ATATÜRK at His Desk" prepared on the basis of "ATATÜRK as Intllectual and Thinker" idea is placed in this section. The wax statue of ATATÜRK at his desk in Çankaya Mansion was prepared by Prof. Dr. Yılmaz BÜYÜKERŞEN with the original measurements of Atatürk. Apart form Atatürk's suit and book shelf, all the objects exhibited here belong to Atatürk and are original.

ATATÜRK's Dog: Foks

It is one of ATATÜRK's favorite dogs. It was stuffed by Necdet PENÇE who was a faculty member of Gazi Training Institute when Atatürk was alive, later it was donated to Anıtkabir by Necded PENÇE's wife İrfan PENÇE on 15 October 1969.

Atatürk's Private Library

In the last section of ATATÜRK and the War of Independence Museum, there is ATATÜRK’s Private Library. In this section, there are ATATÜRK’s private books and 14 touch screen devices which cover information about ATATÜRK.

As is known, ATATURK was keen on reading and writing. He expressed his interest in the books through the following words: “I was poor when I was a child. When I had two kurush, I spent one of it on books. If I had not behaved like that, I couldn’t have done any of the things I had done.”

As you see, in this section, rearranged on June 11, 2005 in line with the contemporary understanding of museology and inspired by the Great Leader ATATÜRK, 3123 books from ATATURK’s private library are displayed in the cases. When looking the distribution of the books according to their language, it is observed that the books are written mostly in French and Turkish. In addition, there are also English, Romanian, Greek and Latin books. When evaluating the books according to their subjects, it is observed that historical books are in the first place and they are followed by “language and literature.”

Having placed a high value on books in every stages of his entire life, ATATÜRK wrote books about various subjects using the knowledge he gained from his love of books. The Great Speech is an important reference penned by ATATÜRK which depicts the War of Independence that is a critical turning point of the Turkish history, foundation of the Turkish republic and some of the reforms till 1927. ATATÜRK wrote this work just in 3 months.

On touch-screen computers, ATATÜRK and Book, ATATÜRK with pictures, Anıtkabir Library, Anıtkabir Book of Honour and Anıtkabir Introduction section are offered to the use of visitors. These devices allow the visitors to access to the information about Anıtkabir and ATATÜRK.

Following the fourth section of the Museum where the ATATÜRK’s private library exists, we come to the Defense of Law Tower. After leaving the Defense of Law Tower, on the left side, the Mausoleum stands before us with its glory. And thus, the ATATURK and War of Independence Museum starting with the National Pact Tower ends here.