Ceremony Application in Anıtkabir for institutions and Agencies

The date and hour planned for conducting the ceremony in Anıtkabir are coordinated with Anıtkabir Personnel and Protocol Department at least one week before the required date of the ceremony.

After coordinating the date and hour of the ceremony, a formal application is made for ceremony by fax to be sent to 4. Army Corps and Anıtkabir Command.

The standard mausoleum wreath made up of 80 cm long red and white carnations to be used in the ceremony is ordered to any one of the florists registered to Ankara Florists' Association and ensured to be ready in Anıtkabir one hour before the ceremony.

The participating committee members are ready in Anıtkabir Ceremonial Plaza at most 15 minutes earlier before the ceremony hour. Anıtkabir

Contact Telephone:
(0 312) 231 79 75
(0 312) 231 18 61 Dahili 2007

Anıtkabir Command Fax No:
(0 312) 231 53 80

4. Army Corps Fax No:
(0 312) 369 93 76