Support education

Support Education

The publications taking part in the section of services are prepared by Anıtkabir Command to introduce Atatürk and spread his world view. These publications are sent free of charge to all schools visiting Anıtkabir and requesting these publications.

(MY 87-3) It could be possible with the donations made by natural and legal persons specified in Clause 4, Article 1/b in TAF Museology Incomes section of Military Museums Directives. Visitors willing to subscribe may make a donation to the account number given below.

Account name : General Staff Anıtkabir Command

Department code : 1368 (Land Forces Command)

IBAN : TR 31 0001 0013 6872 4532 1650 01

Account No : 72453216 5001

Tax No : 3940478556 Maltepe Vergi Dairesi